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Individual Healing Session


Shamanic cultures believe illness and dis-ease are caused by one of two things: A lack of power or a loss of soul. Power loss occurs when we cut ourselves off from the natural world around us and lose our sense of interconnectedness.

Soul loss occurs from traumatic events, when a part of us fractures off, and literally flees. It can also occur from repeatedly denying and repressing parts of ourselves, often to survive difficult childhoods or adult relationships; eventually, these parts become lost to us. Soul loss feels like some spark is missing.


Reconnecting us to our power brings in a sense of wholeness and strength.

The symptoms of soul loss and power loss are many and often similar. They include:

  • A sense of somehow being incomplete; that something is ‘missing’

  • Feelings of numbness or flatness; of just going through the motions

  • Feelings of hopelessness, apathy and indifference; like a spark is missing

  • A sense of being disconnected from what is around you; as if you are living in a dream

  • Depression, ranging from mild to moderate, through to severe

  • Feeling lost, indecisive and aimless

  • Procrastination, time-wasting, or finding it hard to sustain focus or effort

  • A lack of confidence and self-belief

  • Having a strong inner critic who constantly puts you down

  • Phobias and anxieties; fearfulness

  • Missing memories (where have the memories gone, why did they go?)

  • Addictions or other compulsive behaviours and/or thought patterns

  • A sense of never having really recovered from a past event

  • Repeatedly returning to a person, location or behaviour that is unhealthy for you

  • Inability to move on from an issue or event, despite efforts to do so

  • Finding it hard to (re)invest in the future with enthusiasm and optimism

  • Feelings of grief, fear, anger or rage that you cannot seem to shake off




Each session will be one-and-a-half hours long and is different based on the healing required. Usually, they run like this:


  • We will spend the first part of the session talking through what issues you want to work with. This will form the intention for the journey.


  • The next part of the session consists of the shamanic journey itself accompanied by a recording of a drumming track. I will be leading this journey for you, allowing you to relax or meditate. For those who wish to go deeper with this work this final part will change over time as you take more of a lead in the journey, with my guidance.


  • And finally, I will retell the journey to you as a healing story. We then unpick together the symbols and metaphors that came up in the journey, to find out what they mean to you and how you can integrate these teachings into your everyday life.


Monthly sessions are advised, allowing time for the healing to integrate.

Fees & Cancellation Policy

I ask for between £50-£90, allowing you to decide how much you pay.


I ask for 48 hours’ notice for cancellation so that I can offer your space to others. If you cancel within this time I will still have to charge.

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