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Holding Space

I have been holding space for a diverse range of groups, communities, charities and statutory agencies since 2005. I provide space for people to meet, share their stories and seek ways to break through hierarchies and barriers, ensuring all voices are heard.

Using the ancient practice of circle work combined with tools from Deep Democracy and shamanic practice, these groups approach shared problems and decision-making in a fairer, more democratic and equitable way.


  • Circle Work

The circle is a sacred, ceremonial space used by many cultures over thousands of years. It is a healing space where we come together to speak from the heart and to listen deeply.

Circles allow people from different backgrounds and communities to come together. Within this space, profound shifts can occur.

  • Deep Democracy

Deep Democracy was first created by Arnold Mindell through Process Work and was further developed by Myrna and Greg Lewis in the aftermath of Apartheid in South Africa. The tools developed are now used across the world as a cutting-edge facilitation, decision-making, conflict resolution and inclusive leadership methodology. Deep Democracy is a process to ensure all voices are heard, and decision-making is greatly enhanced when the wisdom of the whole group is included.

  • Seasons of the Soul

By using the changing energies of the seasons and the old Celtic festivals as a guide, we bring ourselves back into balance with the earth and strengthen the connection to ourselves and each other.


These sessions weave a path through the ever-changing cycles of the earth and invite participants to harness the power available at 8 key points in the calendar. These points are Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lammas, Autumn Equinox, Samhain, and Winter Solstice.

Bespoke facilitation tailored directly for your needs.
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