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Journeying Support

Shamanic journeying can be a deeply enriching experience that enables you to consciously enter into the spiritual realms for guidance and healing. It is a practice that once developed can be accessed at any time. It is a skill that needs nurturing and for some people, it can be challenging to quieten down all the ‘noise’ associated with modern life and enter into a space to access the shamanic journey.


I have worked with many people who have become frustrated and feel that journeying isn’t for them. I believe it is a skill available to all who are open to it, it's just sometimes we need some support to get passed our own barriers.

I am offering support to: 

  • Develop your journeying skills 

  • Explore the terrain of the shamanic realms

  • Work through any blockages preventing you from entering into journeys

  • Increase confidence in journeying for yourself

These bespoke one-to-one, 1-hour sessions, are a space to develop your journeying skills with the support of an experienced guide.

In between sessions, you can follow exercises that will both increase your skills and confidence in journeying.

Fees & Cancellation Policy

I charge £50 per session for this work.


I ask for 48 hours’ notice for cancellation so that I can offer your space to others. If you cancel within this time I will still have to charge.

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